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Rhodora Sesaria

It's not a trance. It's Faith-- a deep belief in their purging through the mystery of blood; that itself gives them a kind of high, a self-penitence; (no different I guess from patriotic soldiers who offer themselves in service to a war for the glory & defense of country, knowing they could die for it.). Either way, the spilling of blood is their ultimate offering, a voluntary suffering.


Oh wow .. I have seen this kind of photos before. I wish I could be there to witness this myself. Very very unique (to the Philippines only? ). Great documentation of the event, Sidney.


Filipinos are really good dancers... even when they're flaggelating themselves. This man looks like he's really good. It really looks very enigmatic seeing a bloddy person dance.


i'm not sure about the dance either, perhaps to take their minds off the pain?

this is one of the healthier flagellant i've seen for a while.


Great shots Sidney. It's fascinating how they can endure the pain and have the will to put on a little dance like that.

Ashish Sidapara

Surely can be done only in some kind of trance, lovely series!


Again impressive shot ! great capture !


You've captured the violent drama of this observance. Fine images, but difficult to understand!

Otto K.

Again fascinating, a bit disturbing, but still excellent set.

Wim van der Meij

They really must be in a sort of trance, otherwise they would not go on hurting themselves. It is very disconcerting, and I could not imagine myself doing something like this.


i think they'd need to be in a trance...or on drugs...or something! to do that to themselves!


Yes, they could be in trance. Usually, in our Chinese traditions we have flagellations too but the devotees will be in trance. It's hard to explain what it's like as you've to experience it with your own eyes.



some of the pictures are really disturbing for me. (that's why i did not visit for a few days) I faint at the sight of too much blood and sharp things....


Gah! I can't watch!


Funny too how he has painted the upper part of his left arm black.


In trance? Maybe, or maybe in a different kind of high.


.... !!!!

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